(Updated 3/2023)
We are continuously hiring!

Our overarching research theme is material innovation for light and heat management for health, energy, and sustainability. You can have a general idea about the specific projects from the Research and Publication pages of the website. However, because we are constantly brewing new ideas, the best way is to just send you CV to Dr. Po-Chun Hsu (pochunhsuantispam@uchicago.edu)

  • PhD students: All science and engineering backgrounds. Work ethics, self-motivation, and problem-solving skill are more important than specific training or experiences.
  • Postdocs: (Currently no opening) Applicants with backgrounds in nanocrystal synthesis, polymer synthesis, photonics, electrochemistry, and battery, are welcome to apply.
  • Visiting scholars and graduate students: All science and engineering backgrounds. Long-term commitment (> 9 months) is preferred.
  • Undergrad and high school interns are always welcomed.
  • Remote option: Thanks to COVID-19, we have had several successful group alumni whose internship were 100% remote. Of course, these projects were mainly computation, coding, or small electronics development. Feel free to reach out if you have a passion for research and have a good execution plan for remote projects.